Best RPG games by so far

Posted By on May 14, 2016 |

    For PC games fans RPG games are one of the best games to play. Role-playing games are games which are interesting and fun and above all else you can play it almost all the time and it won’t make you bored. In these games, you will take up the role of one character in the fictional world and face all sorts of dangers and temptations. Most of the action games are RPG by genre.mightandmagic

    One of the best game when it comes to this genre of PC games is GTA series and its last spin-off GTA V. GTA is a game with a very simple gameplay(yet complex) and a game which is very interesting and fun. In this game, you can take a role of three various characters and play various missions or take part in various events which happen in the city of Los Santos. This game has an option to switch between first-person gameplay and a third-person gameplay.grand-theft-auto-v-wallpaper-005

Next game which is really interesting Assassin’s Creed series. This is a very simple and interesting game where you take up the role of an assassin in the period of the Third Crusade. As the time periods in the game makes its progress, in later installments you will find yourself in a Renaissance Italy doing assassinations. The environment of later installments is the revolutionary America, Caribbean etc. This game is very simple to play but it’s interesting because of the storyline.

If you are a history geek, then this can be very useful to you because there are many interesting historical characters which you can meet up during playing the game.

    MafiaUSCovThe next popular game is the Mafia series. This game is based on the famous movie by Francis Ford Copolla “The Godfather”. In the second installment of this game, you will take up the role of the mobster called Vito Scalleta, who is a the Second World War veteran. There are some interesting and various missions in which you can take part in. This game offers various cars which are from the period of the 1940s and the 1950s which are remarkably nice and beautiful.

    The last but not least is the famous WoW. World of Warcraft is probably the most played game in the world. There are millions of players which are playing this game online. In this game, you take up the role of a character of your own design and level him up. There are a bunch of things which you can do in this game and all of them are very interesting and fun.1440751252319

    Anyway, there are much more and interesting RPG games which are really fun but couldn’t be mentioned due to the length of this article. You can always check out for this games and if you like it, buy it. RPG games helped the gaming industry to expand and to improve in general. There are many projects which are going on and their goal is to create more and more RPG games. Have fun while playing RPG games.