GTA V –The RPG masterpiece

Posted By on Jun 2, 2016 |

   One of the best RPG games in history is GTA V. This game brought many new things into the gaming world. These interesting innovations are consisted within the game and first of all things are characters. As in any other RPG game, you take a role of one of three characters: Michael, Trevor or Franklin. The story of the game is following stories of these three characters and you will be introduced to all three of them.

    sa3GTA franchise was relatively popular since the GTA: San Andreas was published. Next in line was GTA IV and now GTA V is a real masterpiece.  Like in any other GTA game, this game includes lot of shooting, fighting, violence, car thefts, murders etc. One of the new improvements is first-person shooter mode where you change your camera from third person to first person. This innovation brings entire line of new experiences.

   1404730982_gallery238 Let’s check out the stories in this game. First of all, you start as Franklin, an African – American guy who is entangled in the Grove Street Families gang in fictional version of Los Angeles called Los Santos. He struggles to get some sort of a career in his crime life. His destiny gets completely changed when he meets Michael, a criminal of old sort but as he says “in retirement”. Franklin and Michael get to some sort of mentor- pupil relationship as their criminal actions makes a progression.

    Michael is, on the other hand, a family man who is struggling to keep his family together. He, like many other rich Americans, has his shrink who is helping him to get over his middle-age crisis. Michael meets his Franklin who tried to break in into his house, but Michael stops him from doing it. They create a friendship together and they plan to break into one jewelry store in the downtown of Los Santos. Their story gets completely confused when their plans are interrupted by Trevor’s visit. Trevor was the old friend of Michael and Trevor thought for a long time that Michael died during one failed robbery.1405407490_gallery272

    Trevor is drug and alcohol addict. He cannot live a day if he doesn’t kill somebody. Trevor feels betrayed by Michael. He starts to mess up with their business and demands answers about one old friend who also apparently died during the failed robbery. These stories completely confront each other – a player, in the last mission, has an opinion to kill other two companions or to confront the entire army of mercenaries, soldiers, federal agents to keep his three-man company alive.


This game is the most selling game in 2013. It is also very amusing and fun. There are all sorts of things which you may do in the game, and it is one of the best RPG games of all times. For action games fan, GTA V is one of the best games. Check out this game online and if you like it you might buy it.