RPGs you ought to try

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    Many would argue with me, but the best RPG games are made for PC. The reason for this statement is simple, the world that some games have can’t be properly transferred onto the consoles and even when they are introduced to the consoles, the experience is far from the experience on the PC.

    Now, let us move to the more interesting things, like the best RPGs on the PC. This is a subjective article, and your personal preferences might (and should) differ from this list. This list isn’t written as the best, second best and so on which means that the first game on the list isn’t necessarily better than the third.

Best Games

    Even though the Fallout 4 was and still is a major success, Fallout Las Vegas is still a preferred game from the series. Where Fallout 4 sends you on a quest for your child, the Las Vegas introduced you into a world as a normal citizen. Your paths were opened and it was up to you to decide where and what you want to do.

   Fallout Las Vegas was a second installation in Fallout series that used first person shooter style and they added a lot of interesting things in the world and gave you many options to play with. The freedom to team-up with different factions and make war against other made this game a success.346854234

    Bethesda is a developer who developed The Elder Scrolls series and each and every installation of these series was big success. The latest installation in the series is the Skyrim that introduced us to the north and the struggle against the dragons. But the best and a unique installation in these series has to be Morrowind. Skyrim has snow, Oblivion has forests and both of them can be compared with our world, but Morrowind is something else.


Once you enter the Morrowind you are greeted with a truly alien landscape which can’t be compared with anything on the Earth. A number of options and diversity in this game makes it one of the best RPGs you will ever play.

    Witcher_3_cover_artThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a third and the best installation in The Witcher series that gives you truly the open world you are free to explore. All the best things from previous games were kept and some new mechanics were introduced as well and that mix made this a very desirable game. Every action you make with your character, Gerald, will ripple through the world and the effects will be seen later. A truly beautiful game in which your actions shape the world.

    Mass Effects 2 places you in a universe where humans are the new race in the space. There is a struggle for the salvation of the universe in the game as well as well written characters that supplement your main character. You can shape your character as you want, he can be a lover that hunts everything or you can make old veteran that hates everyone that tries to come close to him. This game is filled with excellently written lines and the story that will force you to question everything you know.